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28 March, 2007

For the Creatives Out There

I thought this must be an interesting concept - connecting artists, designers and style conscious people together in a community site. Not only is it for networking purposes, this group of creatives can take a further step to know each other better and perhaps end up dating. The Whole 9 is set up for creative and artistic people for networking and dating.

I kinda like the website design especially on the portfolio page where you can view the works of members who may be photographers, directors, graphic designers, web designers, artists, models producers, architects and basically any sort of creative profession. While some may be interesting to meet and mingle with new friends, this is also a great place to share your love for art and design. You will surprise yourself to see that there are so many talents out there yet to be discovered. Their portfolio will tell you so.

So if you are in the creative profession and would like a place to showcase your works and talents, this is a fantastic place and resource for you. Join the forum and learn from other creatives as your enlarge your networking circle in your passionate field. And who knows, you will even meet prospective clients for your next project commission.

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