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28 March, 2007

For Science, technology and gadget geeks

Social networking sites are big now in the internet. Whether you are an artist or a geek, you can find a social networking site that suits you. Believe it or not, this has provided windows of opportunities for internet marketers, business people or individuals.

There is an niche social networking site for science hobbyists, technology and gadget geeks, and science fiction fans. Sci-Edge will be officially launched on April 2 so if you are one of those mentioned above, look out for this new and interesting networking site.

Not only can you share ideas and connect with like-minded people, you can make money online with your passion. Basically, you are able to submit articles, reviews and videos related to science, technology and science fiction and if your content is original, creative and interesting, you will be remunerated.

Now, this is a new site to be launched which means you will be one of the first to test-drive this site and be part of this exciting networking platform. See it for yourself!

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