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12 March, 2007

Heater for winter nights

While I was studying in Perth, it was almost not possible to go through winter without a portable heater in my room. Though the winter wasn't as cold as Melbourne, it was nice to wake up to the warmth, especially during those nights of thesis writing.

In the living room, we would be gathering round the fireplace and watch our favourite movies. What I didn't enjoy was the hassle of adding firewood and the mess around the fireplace afterwhich. At one time, my host was thinking about getting one of those gas logs, which was convenient and more tidy. It wasn't always easy stocking and chopping natural wood, not during those cold, winter nights.

We must definitely look at having a gas log when we move to down under. A patio heater would be nice to entertain during the cooler evenings and another portable one for the guest room, perhaps.

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