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20 March, 2007

Introducing a new Web Directory

Hmm.. offer a high bid amount and you end up in the home page of the web directory - that is what Big Web Links Directory is all about. This is a new web directory which offers a new concept to conventional web listing.

Basically, the top 10 bidders will appear in the main page of the directory, followed by the top 20 on the top links page. In other words, if you like to get more awareness and be found on the first page, you just need to offer a higher bid. Your bid can be adjusted accordingly and the results can be seen immediately.

So, like to get listed on first page? Bid high.

1 comment:

M Del Rosario said...

hi doris,
i found your blog by accident, i don't how i ended here but I like it, i added you to my favourites. i will be checking on this big web links directory. keep up the good work.