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02 April, 2007

Back from Singapore

I just got back from a weekend trip to Singapore. It is one of those tiring and 'rush' ones but my objective was met, that was to attend my grandma's funeral.

Well, the thing about having a big family is everyone comes together when there is an occasion, whether it's a happy or sad occasion. You meet aunties, uncles, cousins that you haven't met for years, some of them I haven't even met for a decade.

So it's a big reunion for the family. I only wish I can see my late grandma off but I couldn't. I know for sure that she'll remain close to our hearts even though she's gone now. She'll be remembered for her open-heartedness,kindness and caring ways by all of us.


Simple American said...

Good you can join together as a family. Sharing the memories of your grandmother has to be nice, despite the circumstances.

dorischua said...

Yes... definitely. Thanks for dropping by.

bokjae said...

Condolences from me and rock!