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20 May, 2007

JustLife Organic Shop

I am an organic food advocate and have been rather blessed to have access to many organic shops around my area. One of my favourite is JustLife which often captivate me with their freestyle graphics, creative food labels and marketing concept. Most importantly, I like to buy fresh vegetables and fruits from the shops as they are carefully selected and freshness is guaranteed.

JustLife has recently opened its flagship store in Ikano Power Centre, Kuala Lumpur with a sit down cafe serving organic food. There is a wider selection of fruits and vegetables in the long storage place which resembles very much like the ones you see in supermarkets. I am very impressed by their interiors and decor, which is nicely designed - kudos to the design team at JustLife. The root vegetables are placed in wooden baskets like the ones in the market... a nice touch to getting close to nature.

I just realized that I erased the photos of the shop - argrhh.. ok, I'm heading to the shop to retake some photos and will post them later.

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