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14 May, 2007

My online banking experience

I've been so frustrated with the online banking facilities with my Citibank credit card... it is always 'temporarily not available' and that is causing delays in my payment! But the truth is that I have been a Citibank card member for the last 16 years and I haven't regretted one bit. With Citibank, I can make a collect call in any part of the world and the customer support is always helpful. Once, I recalled losing my credit card while holidaying in Tasmania and I got a replacement the next day! That was how efficient the bank can be!

Since I am living overseas, it only makes sense for me to do all my banking online - savings and current. It makes all banking transactions convenient, all at the click of the mouse - thanks to wireless broadband and internet connection.

My UK friend was telling me about how important it was for her to open bank accounts with reputable banks to be ensured of unwavering support and service. Recently, Alliance & Leicester had been named as Best Current Account Provider, a prestigious award by UK's best selling personal finance magazine, Moneywise. For that, the choice was clear and she didn't have to think too hard about which bank to choose.

Do you conduct your banking online too? What is experience with that?

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