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17 May, 2007

A peek at indoor fountains

I tend to take notice at indoor fountains feature wherever I am, whether it's visiting a friend's house, a restaurant, a shopping mall, a retail shop or in a business office. Somehow, watching a fountain brings me mental relief and calms my emotional being. The sounds of fountains are soothing, relaxing and comforting. My friend, Tracy, has a wall fountain near the entrance of her house and it is beautiful.

Nowadays, it is common to place tabletop fountains or misting fountain in the house or office. Besides being an ornament and decorative display, a mist fountain is known for being a humidifier and an ionic purifier in the room. Great for adding moisture in the air during winter months and in dry climates. Besides, it is beautiful to behold, safe and natural, with no chemicals used in creating the mist.

Don't ask me why but I simply adore table top fountains. I always find them beautiful and if positioned at the right place, it becomes part of the living space. Watching the water feature and hearing the sounds of the flowing water breaks up the monotony of everyday stresses.

Maybe I should start shopping for one in my home office... at least I have something to admire when my mind gets too cluttered and overwhelmed...

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