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20 May, 2007

Prepaid calling card useful for travelling

When I travel overseas, I usually carry a prepaid calling card as it is cheaper to call using a prepaid phone card than from my mobile phone or fixed line. And with prepaid phone cards, the flexibility allows you to use it wherever you are and the savings can be significant. Recalling from our last Australia vacation, I was using a prepaid phone call to book for my accommodations as calling via auto roam service can be costly.

Now, here is the real promotion at Pingo, the prepaid calling card provider. Just sign up for a minimum of $20 credit now and you receive $5 FREE international calling card calls PLUS $25 online store gift certificate. This certificate can be used with all participating online merchants including Mrs Fields, International Wine Cellars and Impromptu Gourmet.

Pingo is also known for its lowest international calling rates which is extremely great if you need to call overseas or if you are travelling. It is easy to use and you can add more credit value to your International rechargeable phone card at your convenience, anytime, anywhere.

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