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19 May, 2007

terrific TWO? terrible TWO?

I've been warned of the 'terrible two' by books, magazines, friends and parenting websites. But I have insisted not to believe in what everyone says about the 'terrible two'. I prefer to be positive in calling it the 'terrific two'.

My 2.5 yo has been manifesting all the characteristics of a toddler. He is developing a mind of his own. He tells you what he wants, what he likes, what he is afraid of; he negotiates, throws tantrums, tests his limits, pushes his boundaries... he is growing, changing and becoming.

Yes, it is exciting, frustrating, annoying, amusing, at the same time, comforting. His vocabulary is expanding so fast, faster than I can imagine or think of... he listens, he is attentive, I better watch what I am saying... you just never know what he's absorbing.

Lastly, he is officially weaned. It is a wonderful journey in the 2.5 years. I will never forget the details of this nursing journey... motherhood is just a beginning...

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