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06 June, 2007

I burnt the pasta and the pot!

Yesterday, I left the stove on to cook our porridge and Clayton's pasta shells while taking a quick drive to the shop to get our roast duck and some vegetables from the organic shop. We were away for a short 15 minutes and when I stepped into the door, I could smell something burning. I knew it was either the pasta or porridge and true enough, the pasta had dried out, the pot was burnt but I could salvage the 'almost dried up' porridge.

Well, this was lesson learnt for me, that it was stupid to leave the cooking stove on even in that short 10-15 minutes of absence. Don't nag at me, I won't do it again :(


Cyberpartygal said...

It is very dangerous to leave the stove switched on when you are away.

dorischua said...

Ya Ya.. I won't do it again *guilty*