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04 June, 2007

The News Room

Most of you may be monetizing your blog in one way or another. Adsense is the most popular and easiest contextual advertising platform and others include text link ads, link worth...etc. Now, here is another new and cool way to earn some residual income from your website or your blog and I promise you it's simple and free!

The News Room allows you to MASH for CASH. All you need to do is to embed quality news videos found at the website and by doing that, you start earning cash! The revenue doesn't stop here. Each time when a visitor viewed the mash news on your site, you earn a share of the advertising dollars. The viral payment continues to work when someone mashes the video on your site and put it in theirs.

Choose from a list of categories including business, health, politics, entertainment, sports, science, world news, regional news... whatever that blend and fit well in your site or blog. You can rest assured that all content provided at The News Room is all fully licensed. Another good thing about this is that once the content is embedded, it can be found in search engines, TheNewsRoom online news catalog and other websites found on the web. Remember, this is viral which means it keeps spreading and when that happens, your earnings increase.

Like I said, registration is free so check it out now and start MASHING!

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