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12 July, 2007

realms of wealth

Do you want to be wealthy? Or do you prefer to be healthy? What about having the best of both of being wealthy and healthy.... and wise, if you can? My husband has a wide collection of books in his personal library on all sorts of topics - self help, motivational, marketing, financial, sales, business, entrepreneurship...etc. So tell him about Anthony Robbins or Napoleon Hill, and he will start a conversation very naturally.

Lately, he's been reading alot more eBooks and physical ones and of course, his library is growing fast. I am thinking that he may be interested to check out Realm of Wealth: The 9 Cycles of Prosperity, a self-help book that focuses on teaching people how to live life in abundance and be prosperous in wealth, health and every other areas of your lives. While trying to find out more about the book, I hop over to the 9 Cycles Prosperity Site and read more about what this book is really all about.

I gather that the book teaches on mindset shift and how one person can achieve anything just by applying the proven strategies and concepts expounded by the author. The one that probably attracts most readers will be the ability to 'attract and accumulate' riches and wealth. As this book is also available in Amazon, buying it online from the website comes with bonuses of up to $411 in value.

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