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04 September, 2007

chinatown in oahu island

Do you know that there is a Chinatown in Oahu island? Like the Chinatown in Malaysia and Singapore, I suppose it is a place filled with open-air markets, cart stores, restaurants, shops, galleries and Asian eats. I just read that Chinatown in Oahu is home to more than 30 galleries, the Hawaii theatre center, the Hawaii State Art Museum and the lively atmosphere of eateries, music and people. I don't think DH will fancy visiting Chinatown and neither do I. He is looking forward to some surf boarding lessons on Waikiki beach.

I did take a look at the Oahu vacation rentals but there weren't many Waikiki accommodations that were suited for our small family. Most of the vacation rentals are great for big groups as many of these homes have 3-5 bedrooms. Besides, we are not planning to stay outside Waikiki since we have only 7 days before going for our Hawaii cruise. I should check out the Hawaii travel blog for more activities nearby Waikiki so that we can save time on too much driving.

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