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05 September, 2007

tranquil beauty of maui

I just watched a virtual tour of all the Hawaiian islands from a travel resource site and I was impressed with the bird's eye view of the islands. The waters looked so clear in the big and little beach in Maui island that I couldn't helped it but kept telling DH to watch it with me.

Maui looks serene, scenic, natural, friendly, exotic, casual and peaceful. From what I understand, it is not as busy as Waikiki and the beaches are definitely more captivating and unspoilt. While reading the Hawaiian vacation information, I was admiring some of the luxurious Maui condos and only wished we could stay in one of those. But since we have booked ourselves on the Pride of America, accommodation will be in the oceanview cabin.

Having read all the reviews, most tourists will base themselves in Oahu island and with the massive options on Oahu vacation rentals, it won't be hard to find a place to suit your budget and preferences.

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Anonymous said...

I actually just returned from Maui and it was amazing!!! My husband and I had a wonderful time and we are already planning another trip back. :)