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16 December, 2007

a lovely day in Kailua and more charming sunsets

Many of you would have known that Waikiki is filled with more Japanese tourists than any other place. After a while, you tend to think that every Asian looking individual is a Jap... I have been mistaken as a Jap too in retail shops and a Hawaiian girl in some - all thanks to my natural tan. I guess I look very Hawaiian too - lol.

It has been a week of great fun and relaxing moments. We had a wonderful day in Kailua, the windward town of Oahu on Thursday. The beaches were beautiful with clear waters that are calm and the waves, gentle. It was nice sitting by the shore with Clayton, waiting to be swept by the rolling waves... he had so much fun. This was the first time he would run in the waters and splashed around freely - but he was still very cautious - he is a city boy lah!

I had a great time in Tiffany when DH went for his surfing lessons too! Though I couldn't afford those diamond pendants, I bought a beautiful Elsa Peretti pendant that I had been eyeing for. Honestly, when you see the price tags in Tiffany here, you tend to think that they are so affordable - just don't convert into ringgit currency! I guessed I got carried away and ended up with a few items after one hour in the shop.

That's it for now and there'll be more reports as we set sail in the Pride of America today for the next one week. Here are a few photos of Kailua, the famous Waikiki sunset (they look different everyday!) and the fireworks at our hotel last night.

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That's a great photo of the sunset!