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12 December, 2007

our waikiki trip photos - pt 1

I have posted some photos of our Waikiki trip... more coming up! The weather has been perfect since we arrived on Sunday and I bought my swim wear!

the penguins at Hilton Hawaiian Village, just below our hotel tower

the clear blue skies of waikiki

featuring diamond head

Sunset at Waikiki beach outside our hotel.

the salt water got into Clayton's eyes - the city boy's first encounter with the beach


shoppingmum said...

Wow, that sunset pic is so nice! Glad that you are enjoying yourself a lot. :)

http://www.successwithauctions.com said...

wow nice picture. thank you very much for sharing.

sesame said...

Wow, like pics from a brochure. So picturesque! And you're super on leh...haha...I like!

dorischua said...

shoppingmum and sesame: thanks! I love the views from my room lah - truly awesome!