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24 January, 2008

the beauty of big bear lake

I'm still running through our photos taken during our US trip and somehow, I cannot forget the beauty of Big Bear Lake, which is only about 2 hours drive from LA. This is a popular vacation spot for families and ski enthusiasts. The most fun part was that we found a frozen lake on the mountains where we could glide and slide around - the kids had so much fun! Sometimes, I wondered if the frozen lake would crack while we jumped on it too much...

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Miriam said...

Nice pictures! B
Please don't ever try to go onto Big Bear Lake, even when it appears to be frozen in places... too many people have been getting seriously hurt. Big Bear has 2 cools sledding areas that are also great for the kids. Having lived in Big Bear for many years I can't tell you how often I saw parents and kids on the side of the busy Big Bear Blvd sledding, not being able to break and sliding right in front of cars.