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31 January, 2008

get your own hosting

After blogging for more than a year, I am rather pleased with all the wonderful lessons learnt, nice friends whom I got acquainted with online and the unexpected monetary returns.

There's one thing I strongly recommend if you are thinking of blogging on a more serious note. That is, you should at least host your own domains instead of using the free blogging platforms. This was my very first blog which explains why I'm still updating it faithful on a regular basis. Plus, this is a personal blog where I share my life, experiences and what-nots. But after this first one, I then move on to 5 blogs within a year and hosted them with Hostgator.

Since I'm sharing the hosting account with DH, I chose the unlimited domains plan, the cheapest being the Baby Croc Plan. I have never quite had any problems with Hostgator unlike some of my friends, who often experience hiccups from their hosting companies. For Unlimited Domain Hosting Only $9.95 a Month, I believe it's a good deal. Of course you may tell me that you can find unlimited hosting cheaper elsewhere but what I can say is that Hostgator has rarely any downtime or loading hiccups. Even if there is, it is often restored very quickly and the support has been excellent so far.

So if you are serious into getting a hosting plan, check out Hostgator, Unlimited Domain Hosting Only $9.95 a Month

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