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23 January, 2008

I really like Camper

Call me a Camper fan, Camper freak... whatever! It is stylish, unique, artistic, cool, chic and different! I know many people trying copying some of their styles but if it's not Camper, it's just not :)

I'm glad that no one tried to copy Camper's line of Twins cos they are unique to the brand. Twins basically mean both the left and right are not the same but they complement each time. Sometimes, my friends would think that a feature is missing from one of the sides, not knowing that they are made that way. If you are not open to creative stuff, it may be too weird for you.

But if you are keen to check out Camper online, the sale is on and you can save up to 30%! I wanna get these ones lah... so tempting!

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