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18 January, 2008

pregnancy and parenting resources

I just got news from a friend in Shanghai who is expecting her second baby. She is one of those who enjoys pregnancy and going through labour - how rare! Yet, I am encouraged by her enthusiasm and excitement in parenting, especially when she told me about how she truly cherished her parenting moments with her first child.

Whether you are expecting for the first time or second, or even third, it is important to keep a positive attitude and maintain a cheerful countenance. Keep yourself and the baby healthy can be achieved with healthy eating habits including exercise and a well-balanced lifestyle. During the EARLY PREGNANCY stage, you should also include relevant vitamins and supplements into your daily dietary plans. These days, the internet provides a pool of resources for the expectant moms. You can educate yourself with useful articles on parenting, pregnancy, childbirth and videos on related topics. I find the 'green parenting' article to be interesting and appropriate for today's modern eco-parents. Don't forget to gather some tips on baby's growth and sleeping habits too!

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