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07 January, 2008

smooth long haul flight

Can you tell that I'm suffering from jet lag? I've been waking up at 4am and 6am and so is my little Clayton and DH? Worse! He woke up at 2am and it seemed that he wasn't ready to overcome jet lag.

This is the first time we have traveled to a country with a vast difference in time zone and I am truly glad that Clayton is coping better than expected. He was good during the 14.5 hours flight coming back from Los Angeles and the long haul flight was truly a breeze. China airlines may not deliver like Singapore Airlines but still not so bad, really.

I suppose it is manageable especially when we can save more than RM 10K from the airfare. Traveling with a 'better' airline and sector means paying more for airfare and eating into my shopping! I tried getting some sleep during the long haul flight and reading some info on cerebral palsy and watching Rush Hour 3 and Nannies Diary in the plane.

Looking back, it was a great vacation and I am already missing Hawaii...

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