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09 January, 2008

we love traveling light, yet...

We are that sort of travlers who believe in traveling light. Yet, we left for the US with a big luggage and my faithful Mandarina Duck Carry-On and came back with 4 big luggages and one carry-on :) I still cannot figure out why we need all that space. It could be the five pairs of shoes DH bought or the 3 pairs of mine. Then he had lots of t-shirts from Hawaii (from ABC store) and I've got some from the outlets. I cannot deny that US is a shopping haven for cheap and affordable apparel! Where can you find a nice pair of North Face athletic shoes for $50?

This time, we traveled with our laptop and all the important cables, including DH's HDMI mini cables. The laptop was great in linking us up and allowing DH to do his options trading. It was nice to be 'earning money' during the vacation - I am truly thankful for this.

It's now back at work and it looks like the pressure is building up in a slow pace for now...

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