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01 April, 2008

praising Him in the storms of life

It's easy to thank and praise God when times are good and things are dandy but can we praise Him in the storm. We are facing some challenges in our business this quarter and everyday, I pray with faith that a miracle will come our way and we'll hear good news for our biz. Sometimes I feel like God is saying 'Be Patient' and other times, I wonder if He's going to put us through a tough test. Waiting is never easy and no one likes to wait. We are by nature impatient and we want things done NOW, FAST and INSTANTLY. So, it's a test of our faith now - waiting, trusting and having faith - even in the midst of the storms of life.


Vedis Teh said...

Hi, Doris,

You are right!...;D

We want fast and immediate answers and solutions. Why? So that we can move on to other daily routines.

It's torturing to wait for the outcome,right?

I have this with me -- Because He Knows You'll Grow & Be Strengthened If You Grapple With Your Difficulty; He Made You That Way!

You know I recently learned a hard lesson ...;D

dorischua said...

Hey - thanks for your encouragement. Life can be a roller coaster at times but it's a comfort to know that He's in control of all things. And most of all, He cares for us :) Press on, buddy!

it'sadog'slife said...

God is faithful. We concluded last Fri nite that it is during the tough times that we draw closer to Him!