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01 June, 2008

learning from the west

In the last few months, I have come across a few drug rehab centers in the US that are set in conducive and serene environments surrounded with views of valleys, hills, oceans and valleys. Personally, I believe these centers are great venues for those who are seeking for help from their addiction problems. The environment together with experienced counsellors and effective treatment programs are all helpful in the recovery process for these addicts as opposed to rehabs that are outdated, uninviting who don't promote the sense of well being. Perhaps, rehabs in Asia countries can also learn something from the west - creating an environment that is not intimidating and negative for those who are struggling to recover from their addiction problems.


Kristian Liebrand said...

That would truly be an amazing experience in the rehab with full of beauty surrounded with oceans, hills, valleys and so on. This would definitely help in the recovery of the patient.

Myfinancebutler said...

I've never been to drug rehab myself, but I've had a loved one who's gone to drug rehab, and for them, it is a very difficult time, and good drug rehabs with great locations and great stuff make the experience better. I thank these people who make a difference in the life of a loved one.