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05 September, 2008

the heart of a mother

These few days have been very tiring and worrying for me. Clayton started having diarrhea and throwing up since Tuesday evening. I have no idea what is wrong but all I know is that I just want this throwing up and diarrhea to stop!

He started showing signs of recovery yesterday but today, things seemed to be a little worse. I am scared and worried. Not that he has alot of weight to lose, he's already so small and he's now passing out all that goes in. I have tried to be very careful with his food intake these few days but somehow, the recovery signs has been irregular. It saddens my heart and I am praying so hard that all these bad stuff that is attacking him with be gone!

Coaxing him to drink and eat has been very tough. Coping with his crankiness and discomforts is challenging too. Worse still, DH went to be a busybody in some friend's restaurant celebration in Malacca yesterday and tomorrow, he's off to Malacca again for golf with his old classmates. I have no problems with him catching up with friends and taking a break but in times like this, I believe men need to recognize their priorities.

I have an important work meeting tomorrow and I might have to call it off if things don't get better. I would like to stand firm in my faith and believe that Clayton will recover but mothers being mothers, we are willing to sacrifice, our time and everything else.

For now, I'm just praying that this bout of virus will be gone into the land of never return. Please say a word of prayer for our little boy. He needs to be well again. This is the heart of a mother.

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lyza said...

Dear Doris,

I really do feel for you .. Amira was down and out for the past week and managed to recover before starting all over again the next day. She just got better yesterday and hopefully for good, this time around.

Mothers will be mothers ... I pray that Clayton gets well soon....