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04 September, 2008

WIN a MacBOOK Air - For Singapore surfers only!

So you heard about the world's thinnest notebook - the MacBook Air. So it's as light as the air as the name describes and this full-size notebook is encased in the 0.16 to 0.76 inch of sleek, sturdy anodized aluminum and weighs 3.0 pounds! Ladies, are you listening? You don't need to worry about traveling with a heavy notebook anymore!

But let's be honest, cool and chic things don't come cheap but if you can stand a chance to win a MacBook Air for FREE, why not take the chance? So if you hail from SINGAPORE, the below MacBook Air promotional campaign is for you. CLICK THIS ONLY IF YOU ARE READING THIS FROM SINGAPORE cos it requires you to submit a Singapore mobile number and accept the text message a proof of entry.

If you are a Malaysian, look out for the next campaign just for you!

*If you click this outside Singapore, it may take you to a different campaign.

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