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17 March, 2011

On to our First Outdoor Camp

March is such an exciting month. There are a few things happening this month in school and it's also our third month here in Brisbane.

We have been busy the last couple of weekends. The first march weekend was spent at North Stradbroke island with Rachel and her family and it was another awesome trip. The weather was not like Moreton but we were so thankful that it didn't rained. It was a rainy week and we almost wanted to postpone the trip.

We spent a half day out in the cruise and landed at the McLarens Landing. The highlight of the trip was the sand tobogganing done near the beach. It was a very windy day that afternoon and we were feeling the pain when the sand hit our body! Climbing up the sandy hill was tiring but good fun! The boys had so much fun despite the pain from the sand and wind.

Tomorrow will be our first outdoor camping in Australia. We bought our air bed, lanterns and food necessities and sleeping bags. In Queensland, you won't need electric blanket in the nights during autumn but a sleeping bag is enough to keep one warm. We are excited and Clayton is looking forward to camp in the outdoors! I need to pack the important stuff including my repellent! Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as I cook our Saturday dinner to bring along and pack all the last minute camping gear.

Woohoo... it's been an exciting March and school holidays is here in two weeks' time!

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