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18 December, 2006

Add fun to your Christmas cards

I usually hand-made my Christmas cards for close family members and friends. Being a designer at heart, I like to add a personal touch to what I send. Besides, I have a huge collection of fancy papers and material in my cupboard.

I do enjoy sending out eCards too. Let's admit it, we can't send a paper card to all our friends. These days, cards don't come cheap. Besides, I have this bad habit of posting late. So eCards are convenient and equally effective.

There are a few online greeting cards which I frequently use. But I came across another interesting site while browsing through some online Christmas Cards.

The ecards at Jokeroo.com are generally humorous and funny. I'm sure these cards will add alot more jest and fun to this holiday season. This would be definitely something different from the usual traditional and heart-warming greeting I send every year.

Or perhaps you may want to surprise your friend with a funny video. There is a wide selection of videos and even online games. And besides christmas cards, there are cards for other special occasions.

So be different this Christmas, send some humour along with these cool cards!

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