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19 December, 2006

Does your computer have an infection?

You just read my post on 'Fighting infections'. What about our computers or labtops?

Have your computer experienced an 'infection', or more commonly known as a 'virus'?

I'm sure this is not new to most of us who are surfers. I'm not sure about you but whenever I open my mailbox every morning, I would receive at least more than 10 'spam' or unknown mails. From past experience, I would delete them right away.

My husband accidentally opened an email years ago and that act cost him money and the hassle to reboot the entire operating system. Since, he invested in an antivirus software in the market. He wouldn't take any chances to loose any important documents.

In Malaysia, pirated software is easily available. But when it comes to protecting your computer and files, I strongly recommend a genuine copy. It's just not worth the risk.

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