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18 December, 2006

The launch of www. homeofficewomen.com

It's been many nights of careful thinking and days of waiting. I always want to create this site because it is close to my heart.

Finally, I have a place for all women with home offices to share, care, motivate, empower, teach, learn and support each other. I have come across many sites of similar nature and they are great models for me. I learn so much and I'm still discovering and networking with many other wonderful women out there, who took the courage and venture into this journey.

will feature stories of women who work from home and they may or may not have any online businesses. You will also find articles and contributions from different individuals.

If you are a woman with a home office, come join our network. I invite you to be part of this community where we can grow together during our time here on this earth.

As the site is still new, do drop me a comment if you like to be included in this community.


bokjae said...

I am not a woman but in function especially now I feel very much like a house-wife! So can I join your group?

dorischua said...

Bro, it's be my honour to have you in my community. Welcome!