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03 January, 2007


I came across an interesting and fabulous idea from a fellow blogger who shared about BlogTipping. What exactly is that?

Here are the basics:
  • Select three blogs (could be your favorites, new favorites or new discoveries)
  • Highlight three positives about each blog
  • Give one piece of constructive criticism (that’s the tip)
  • Don’t forget to categorize or tag it as blogtipping (so Easton can find you and give you some link love)
Mmm... I'm going to start blog tipping in 2007... maybe you should to.


skeet said...

I've done a few link love posts, but I've never tried to offer constructive critism in them. Gotta think about that one. I know it wouldn't bother me if someone did that with my blog, but I'm not sure I'm bold enough to critique soemone else.

WAHM said...

Hey Skeet... I'm sure you are and you can. It's good to hear what others have to say sometimes, as long as it is constructive.