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14 January, 2007

Feeling artistic

I am drawn to this opportunity due to my art and design training background. I did oil painting in my design college days and I was pathetic in the subject. As much as I admire viewing the paintings, I always make a mess with the oil paints.

What I like about oil paintings is the texture and depth that is achieved during the painting process on the canvas. I love abstract art, landscapes and still life. One of my favourite paintings till today is Van Gogh's sunflower. This piece of art is timeless.

The colours used in the Oil Paintings by Lori Twiggs reflect the emotions and beauty of life. I love the way she uses her colours to portray the different seasons and landscape. Personally I prefer the the picture of the docks by the riverbanks. The contrast between the red house and blue waters reminds me of the holiday we took to New Zealand in 2005. it reminds me of a seaside town in the North Island. The only difference I miss in the painting is the clear blue skies found in beautiful New Zealand.

The other one that reminds me of the land of the long white cloud is the one of the sheep grazing in the fields. The bleating sheep look peaceful and they reflect the characteristics of the Loving Shepherd.


skeet said...

Love the soft reality and play of light in her paintings. Wonderful post for beautiful art!

Amy said...

My uncle is an artist who works in oils, acrylics and watercolors. It always amazes me how he does what he does. Surfed through the carnival - hi there!

Lori said...

Thanks for taking the time to visit my website and your kind words about my artwork. I've just recently posted my newest painting, "Ital Passeggaire".

J.E. said...

Hi, I'm visiting via the carnival. I agree with your assessment of Lori's work -- it's beautiful! I wish I had snagged this opp.... Then again, I just might do a post on her stuff anyway!