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09 January, 2007

Hosting your domain

I started by first blog in 2005 when I wanted a 'place' to pen down my thoughts, musings and lessons of being a first time mum. Then I neglected it because there was just so much to handle when I was the sole caregiver then. It was a blessing that Clayton was born after our events for the year.

I almost forgot about blogging until earlier this year, when I was exposed to abit more cyberspace news. The potential of blogging did not create much interest still until I came across a special feature in the newspapers about 'The Power of Blogging'.

Out of curiosity, I checked out few featured bloggers and then realised these people didn't just start blogs to speak their minds and post their birthdday photos. They were serious about making some extra money from the blog-o-sphere.

My curiosity continued on and led me to attend a 2-day internet seminar. For the first time, I became a little more interested about the worldwide web. I didn't even know much about website hosting. The only thing I recalled was to host our company's website in some'ready -to-go' website. I was a total newbie!

From the seminar, I learnt more about Dedicated Hosting, the advantages and the importance of finding a reliable one with good support. You wouldn't want to get stressed over lack of online help when you can't upload your pages or files to your site. Like the name suggests, dedicated servers means 'dedicated service', so to speak.

Thus, do your research, talk to experienced webmasters or internet marketers to ensure that you are getting the right package for your needs.

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Adam said...

I didn't get this PPP opportunity. Guess they were not accepting my domain name for the opportunity. Couldn't edit it because Blogger is down at the moment. How about you.