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30 January, 2007

Want to date a millionaire?

Everything is going online these days. File your tax, buy your Valentine's Day gift, apply for a loan, pay your bills, sell your products, order a physical or e-book and even, dating!

I've been meeting friends online via the blog-o-sphere but I'm not quite sure about online dating. I heard about a friend sometime back who started dating online with this girl and the story turned out like a movie script. She showered him with lovely gifts, he reciprocated and they were both 'madly in love' within days. Things turned sour when the girl started sharing her sad story about being in financial debts and my soft-hearted friend actually believed her! To cut the story short, he parted with few thousand and she disappeared! And they had never even met from day one.

Here's my confession. I stumbled upon this millionaire dating site and for the fun of it, I checked out what it was really like. I was surprised to see up to 1,000 pages for the criteria I searched for. This shows that online dating is indeed popular and many individuals out there are looking for soul mates or simply wanting to make new friends. Well, I must say it is interesting browsing through those pictures and profiles, some of the descriptions are quite a fun read.

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