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26 February, 2007

5 reasons why I blog

I have been tagged earlier on this topic and somehow, this meme gets so popular that I'm tagged a few more times but different friends around the web. So I'm tagged again by Angela and Sweetpeamy. Thanks for thinking of me.

So the 5 reasons why I blog:


Blogging gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts, opinions and insights. Being a sentmental person, I enjoy recording my feelings, observations and experiences.


My learning curve is moving upwards since I spend more time blogging. I like to read others’ blogs and there is always something to learn when I read other bloggers’ opinions, reviews, feedback and stories. I find myself growing in that respect.


It’s fun to share knowledge and my passion with other like-minded people. When I receive a comment on my posts, it’s encouraging and uplifting. It’s good to know someone is reading and someone is getting something out of what I blog.


I love making friends and building relationships. In the last 3 months, my circle of friends in the web has grown in leaps and bounds. There are so many wonderful people I ‘met’ and known. They have played a big part of my blogging life. There is no better way to network than blogging.


Learning and knowledge leads to growth. The process of growing should be continuous and you can’t do it alone. What better place to keep growing but the world of blog-o-sphere, where you create opportunities for yourself and for others.

Ok.. it's tagging time! This time I tag:

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