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25 February, 2007

Clayton is a fantastic traveler

Since we got back from Perth last November, Clayton had been a fantastic passenger on the car seat. Before that, I would have to sit at the rear passenger seat with him but since the Perth trip, he would be in the rear seat by himself.

He seems to be enjoying his car seat more these days. He would look around for cranes, construction vehicles, birds and everything that interests him. In fact, he sat 4-5 hours without any complaints or jitters during our last trip to Singapore - what an achievement! He was kept busy with his stack of construction vehicle cards, shuffling and reading throughout the entire trip, not forgetting his favourite music, biscuits and snacks.

Check out his smiles...

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sweetpea said...

hi doris, Gong Xi Fa Cai...wanna give you new year gift.. you've been tagged again :P
see http://sweetpeamy.blogspot.com/2007/02/5-reasons-why-i-blog.html