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25 February, 2007

The Ultimate Gift

If you are a movie goer, I would assume you have already heard about "The Ultimate Gift". Starred by Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin, James Garner, Ali Hillis, Drew Fuller and Brian Dennehy, this is a special movie that has drawn much attention to its charity movements even before the launch of the movie.

This is the official site of the movie "The Ultimate Gift" and the grass-roots movement its starting to help charities and give to others. It all started out with a little big with a simple story but it has grown so big.

Look out for March 9th, 10th and 11th as the weekend screenings of The Ultimate Gift open, and you can play a part in raising donations for non-profit organizations – including the causes closest to your heart during this period. It is nice to know that you can be an inspiration and influence others to do the same by watching a movie.

Throughout this special “Weekend Of Giving”, $1.00 of every ticket purchased for The Ultimate Gift will be donated to the charitable group of your choice; this is a special partnership with the Fox Film Fund. This is also an opportunity to connect with family and friends through this powerful act of giving.

The website is filled with details about the movie, the movement, the story of how it began, the ways you can get involved and trailer of the movie. It is inspiring just to read about how this movement is touching lives and creating a good impact among teens and how this has created an awareness among young people. It is about educating this generation on the act of giving and sharing. I find it so noble and meaningful.

I encourage you to hop over to theultimategift.com and read all about the movie and all that is taking place in line with the launch of the screenings. Don't be left behind. Be a part of this special time of giving and sharing, and being an inspiration.

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