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28 February, 2007

A lousy spa in Starhill

I just got home from lunch from my good friend, Tracy. She had been asking me to write a complaint to the Spa Association of Malaysia about a horrific spa experience I had some months back.

The truth is I'm pretty good at such letters (lol) but for this one, I'm a little lazy to get round to it. I was seriously upset with the Spa Centre and what was worse was the fact that they charged sky high rates for their services. Being located at such a premium mall at Starhill, Kuala Lumpur, it was normal to expect top class customer and therapy service. But it wasn't close to that at all - at all!

The therapists were untrained with no sense of etiquette. They walked in and out when you were trying to have a change of clothes - how irritating! And the massage session was the worse I had ever experienced - she was kneading my head all the time that I was coming down to a headache - and I had to stop her and asked her to end the entire therapy session.

I tried complaining to the manager (a guy), (or is he a receptionist?) but he did not even take my feedback objectively. He only started to show me his 'ugly side' and anger when I threatened to walk out without paying. Even though I had the whole stack of gift vouchers with me then, I didn't think the service we received were up to standard at all. I would biase if it's only 'me' complaining but Tracy, my lawyer friend, felt the same way.

And know what, I threw my extra RM800 worth of vouchers away. I reckoned my time was more valuable than getting such a lousy spa service, which stirred me up in anger instead of providing me a relaxing time.

So tell me, should I complain or should I not? I feel for those who are made to think that the spa is professional because of its premium location and expensive interiors. But for the kind of service, this place doesn't deserve to be accredited because it fails to deliver the level of professionalism.

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Tracy Tan said...

i was there too thanks to your generosity and i feel that we were both shortchanged! very unprofessional masseurs...and the management was not courteous, not willing to listen to our grouses and were even rude. definitely not recommending this place to anyone and would encourage you to speak up :)