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16 February, 2007

My 'say' on American Idol

Is anyone out there a fan of American Idol? Well, I won't say I am but I do enjoy watching snippets of it. Since becoming a mum, the pleasure of sitting in front of the TV is no longer a priority in the evenings. Clayton, my little angel determines the length of time I spent watching TV.

I was watching the Hollywood week yesterday and was quite upset with a couple of outcomes. How did Jarrod Fowler get sent home and this big guy, who went off tune in the high notes got into the next round? It was absurd! Then in today's show, the last 2 contestants (I forgot their names) were not chosen for the top 24 when they were the better ones. What's going on with these judges? Paula Abdul was 'being generous' for the whole time every season. It was plain annoying.


Adam said...

What I love to watch most are the crazy ones who really suck but don't seem to realise that.

IMMomsDaughter said...

And I was disappointed the 16 year old farm girl, Bailey got sent home instead of the other 2 bimbos in her group!

Btw, I'm here to wish you and your family Gong Xi Fatt Chai :)