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26 February, 2007

A prepaid credit card for a gift

Do you shop with credit cards? I do. And yes, it can be dangerous too.

I must admit that with the convenience of credit cards, I tend to buy on impulse during a shopping frenzy. It does require lots of self discipline. Moreover, there are many types of credit cards being launched these days and sometimes, the card designs can be too attractive to resist for a new sign-up.

Have you seen the Mint credit card? It is a card with the bottom right edge being removed. This MC2 card was launched in 2003 which saw a transformation of credit card shape from the usual rectangular format. Much to my surprise, there was a pre-paid credit card being launched by MINT last September 2006. This prepaid credit card works just like a gift voucher for a special someone except that you can use it to make purchase in any shops that accept credit cards. Get it?

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