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20 February, 2007

Road trip to Singapore

Well, I'm on another road trip again in two hours' time. It is a yearly tradition for us during Chinese New Year to visit our families and since I hail from Singapore, we will off to Singapore to visit my mother. Honestly, I'm excited about going home and I'm looking forward to meet friends, get a haircut, do some shopping... did you know that Singapore is a wonderful shopping paradise?

It's going to be another 4-5 hours journey and we will be away for 4 days. I am hoping to do some blogging and email checking in local libraries as Singapore is well equipped with internet connectivity. Bring my MacBook sounds like a great idea but with all the packing and other travel stuff to bring along, I'm rethinking this.

So if you don't see my regular posts, you know I am away and I haven't find time to post. Have a great weekend ahead, everyone.

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