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20 February, 2007

UK Directory Site

What sort of website design captivate you? Are you captivated by colours, typefaces used in the homepage, name of the URL, photographs, images or simply the content? Personally, I'm often drawn to the name of the URL, content and colours. If you are like me, check out this UK classifieds and community site with fun, attractive colours with lots of interesting features awaiting you.

This is a site that not only offers FREE classified ads for your listings, it allows you to create blogs and you can find Community Websites, Local Dating, Local Weather, Traffic Updates and Cinema Listings. It is a fabulous directory for those living in the UK or simply a great resource if you like to find out more about UK shops, companies, news and local updates.

And if photography is your interest or passion, there is a archive of interesting photos from a few photo competitions. So whether or not you live in the UK, it is a good directory to reference and browse.

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