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19 February, 2007

2nd day of Chinese New Year

Today is the second day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. We just got back from a 3 hours ride from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur. As usual, the traffic coming back was slow, tiring and heavy. But I was glad that it was better than our trip to Ipoh on Saturday, which took us more than 4 hours and that was because my hubby was on the shoulder lane most of the trip. For those who obeyed the traffic, the journey would take 6-7 hours, that was a really long one compared to the usual 2 hours to reach Ipoh.

This has been another tiring one for us but I am so thankful that Clayton has been a fantastic traveler. This New Year is also a sad one for the family as a series of unfortunate things have taken place amidst all these festivities. Yet, we try to keep our heads up high and look at the positive instead of sinking into deeper disappointment and despair.

The series of happenings lately remind me that we need to treasure hopes, dreams, happiness and all the wonderful things around us. We must not take life for granted but instead, we need to give thanks to God for the life He has blessed us with each day. I am reminded to:

• make everyday count
• appreciate and make the best of what God has given me
• keep an active lifestyle
• have an open mind
• don't be afraid to express yourself and speak your mind
• learn to forgive
• have a merry heart (for it doeth good like a medicine)
• be free to love

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