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27 February, 2007

Used car versus new car

I've been persuading DH to get a second car. I don't like being stranded at home with no transport when he's outstationed. Then again, he prefers used cars as we both work from home and would not be using both cars unless the need arises.

Being a designer at heart, my dream car has always been a Volkswagen New Beetle but a brand new one will cost a bomb! I like the bubbly design and the fun look, not forgetting the colours for this model. So funky and hip! An used one that of 2006 will cost less than $19K, definitely a big cut from the brand new one.

My dear husband would definitely prefer a Honda Accord - sturdy, classic, elegant and stylish. Actually, I wouldn't mind that either. A 2006 used model costs around $20K, not a bad deal for only a mileage of less than 15,000 miles. That's a good deal for a one year old car and you don't have to worry about the quick depreciating value you get on new cars.

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