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23 March, 2007

Anime fan

I was having a chat with a friend's teenage son who was a fan of anime, manga, digital gadgets and technology trends. At the age of 17, he is so savvy with the computer and well-versed in anything digital and cyber. His mum makes sure he balances well between his school work and his passions. Being a fairly discipline boy, he would make sure he finish his homework and assignments before spending time with his favourite things.

He was sharing with me about the creativity in anime and manga. Lately, he discovered a free anime website which offers more than 4 TB of his favourite anime series. At the time of our conversation, he was trying to convince his mum to approve his wishlist in subscribing to the downloads. As always, his reward and wishlist will be fulfilled when he delivered good results in his assignments.

In the design college where I used to teach, the students in the digital animation class were passionate about manga. They would go great lengths to research on their favourite characters and used the graphics creatively for their multimedia assignments. The honest truth is I was raised in an era where anime and manga were foreign subjects to me. But through this group of highly creative students, I had learnt to appreciate the artistic beauty of anime and manga.

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