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05 March, 2007

Another outing with Clayton - just the 2 of us!

Today is Day Two of an outing session with Clayton - just two of us. I took Clayton to The Curve and had lunch at Nanxiang Shanghainese Restaurant. He had his 'cai bao' (vege bun) and noodles - we shared.

His eyes was so sharp to spot a playcorner at Anakku, a popular children chain store in Malaysia. I took him out of his stroller and he had great fun with the little slide and blocks. Then he got hilarious when a 4-5 yr old girl started playing with her hula hoop. For whatever reason, my little boy laughed and screamed with excitement when she 'hula'!

We proceeded to Ikea for few items I needed to grab for the house - it wasn't nice shopping in Ikea on a Sunday - I didn't know the sale was on! After fulfilling my promise to Clayton in taking him to Popular Bookstore and the Pet Store, I headed for my Patchi chocolates - I just needed to fix that craving.

That was a nice day out again... though it ended with a tiff with DH because I picked him up late from his Qi Gong seminar. What happened to the Qi Gong teachings on keeping cool and calm? More about Qi Gong in the later posts.

To all my readers: Have a 'cool' and calm week ahead. Breathe well and smile...


Mephala said...

Hey Doris, thanks for stopping by too. :) You have a lovely blog and Clayton looks so cute in that outfit!

Adam said...

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Samm said...

Hahaha, he needs more qi gong, lol.

Samm said...

And you're tagged :)