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29 March, 2007

Clayton and his flash cards

My boy is into flash cards and my, am I impressed with the learning abilities of children these days?

I bought him the first set of fruit cards 2 months ago at Popular bookstore. For only RM8.90, there are 20 odd cards in a box and best of all, they are bilingual. We always want Clayton to be proficient in Mandarin so I prefer to expose him to the language as much as I can.

Well, this first set has led to another construction vehicles set (which he loves) and others such as numbers and alphabets and shapes cards. The amazing thing is he is learning so fast and can read most of the cards, in Mandarin and in English. I don't think I can identify a digger from a bulldozer when I was 2.5 yrs old! Sometimes, he will shout out a Mandarin word for carrots - Hong Luo Bo - and DH will look at me and ask, "Correct ah?" And I will look at him and grin.

At times, he would mess up the cards and they will be all over the floor... this would also mean discipline time! With this fast progress, DH has no qualms about me buying flash cards now. I'm so thankful that these cards keep him occupied while we work, though he would prefer mama to sit with him to go through the cards.

For that, I'm eternally grateful to be a SAHM and WAHM. Nothing beats the quality time with a growing child. I can say that I'm truly blessed.


sesame said...

Hey, I bought the construction vehicles set for my son. He loves it. Clayton is good huh? So young and can learn so fast. But you got to give it to them...they can really identify these things very quickly.

Simple American said...

I wish I could have had those for my son. He fought learning Mandarin every step of the way and eventually won. My girl did pretty good. Cheeky thing always gripes about my accent. So much so I even hate to try speaking Chinese around her.

dorischua said...

It's so true.. these cards don't cost much but they are so useful and educational.