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02 March, 2007

Clayton's favourites

My little boy is eating well these days. Being a fully breastfed baby, Clayton rejects all other kinds of milk. With the blessings of a good paed, I am assured that he does not need other milk products, contrary to what many mothers would tell me.

Lately, he keeps asking for cheese on bread. His requests surprises me but I am more than happy to offer him, at least I know he's getting his calcium intake. Unlike many children, Clayton loves his vegetables - green, red, any kind. His favourite food happens to be mushrooms. Ain't I happy? Mushrooms are high in anti-oxidants. His most recent cravings: seaweed. Yes, the greeny, wrinkled algae stuff - seaweed.


Adam said...

Cute boy.

Forgot to tell you that I completed the meme you passed to me:

IMMomsDaughter said...

You are so fortunate Clayton loves Vege...no need to push push. My boy hates vege and only eat peas. Hai....

Wokking Mum said...

Clayton is such a good boy! Many kids doesn't like vegetables.

dorischua said...

Adam: Thanks for that and the nice comment.

Immomsdaughter & wokking mum: I am truly thankful that Clayton loves his veges... Praise God.