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10 March, 2007

Diary of a 29mth toddler

Today is Clayton's 6th day in nursery. It is encouraging to watch his progress...

Day 1: He clung on to me so-so tight and kept saying, 'scaredz, mama, scaredz'. I sneaked out after 35 mins when the teacher took out all the blocks.

Day 2: He still clung on to me tight and said the same thing. It was Monday so the weekend break didn't help to carry on the momentum. I sneaked out after half hour when he started running around during his P.E. class.

Day 3: He was willing to get down and walk to class but held on tight to my hands. He insisted I sat through circle time; I sneaked after 25mins as soon as he took interest in those animal figurines.

Day 4: He got down the car and walk to class. Shook hands with the teacher hostess on duty and went up the stairs. I still sat during circle time but as soon as cooking time began, I sneaked out.

Day 5: Jumped down the car and said 'hi' to the greeting teacher and went to his class beaming with excitement. He was getting more attentive, so glad I taught him colours and shapes, and he was beginning to love counting. He could read his numbers with his classmates but counting was new to him. He got interested with reciting the 'days'. I sneaked out after 15 mins when teacher Sophia took them to wash their hands.

Day 6: He said 'hi' to the greeting teacher. Shook hands with teacher Sophia. Shouted out loud with his classmates during circle time, only thing was he still couldn't still and mama needed to sit with him. Once the blocks were on the mat, I was gone.

It's school break next week... the momentum is broken again. I pray that we don't have to start all over again...

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